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The harvest takes place in mid-September.
The premature harvest is still affected by the heat of summer and, with a careful selection of the grapes, a low wine is obtained acidity and pleasant on the palate. The grapes arrived in the cellar are pressed in stainless steel tanks and left to macerate on the skins with frequent pumping over in order to obtain the characteristic color.
Grape variety: Dolcetto 100%
Type of Soil: Calcareous clay
Altitude: 300 m above sea level
Plantation: Guyot
Gradation: 13 ° -13.5 °

Obtained from Dolcetto grapes, it appears at the sight of a red color tending to violet, with a good body. Persistent, vinous taste and herbaceous notes. Particular perfume with fruity scents. Excellent with cold cuts and cold cuts in general, with medium-aged meat and cheese dishes. Not complex wine, suitable for all palates.
Serving temperature: 15 ° -18 ° C