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About Us

La Grisa winery is the natural evolution of a great wine tradition of the Taliano family also known as RE-CIT (small king).
Our Grandfather Pietro began the business with a cart pulled by oxen and started to sell wine in Turin, supplying taverns and inns.
The turning point that marked progress was due to our father Battista who, in the late 60s and early 70s, began producing bottled wine, distanced himself from the traditional cask wine to more selected and quality products.This decision allowed our winery to expand its clientele in which compare also the firsts top restourants, not only in Piedmont but also in the rest of  North Italy.
In spite of this improvement, Battista never abandoned his old clients, on the contrary, having raised the quality level, he enlarged the panorama. Thanks to the grapevine, he began the home delivery to private costumers  which still happens today. With the arrival of our  generation we, the sons of Battista, Pierangelo and Valter, have further raised the prospects and even crossed the border, acquiring customers in Germany, England and the United States.

Our company policy remains faithful to the tradition despite the appropriate modernizations that have undergone like the management of the vineyards, the winery and modern tecnological practices. Where possible we try to maintain direct contact with our clients, where customers no longer remain such, but become friends. With this in mind we continue to offer a home-delivery service of bottled wine mainly, but also Bag-in-Box.
Now you just have to come and visit us to see with your own eyes and your palate what we have to propose!