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Bonarda wine is in a phase of rediscovery, especially in our area.
The Piedmont Bonarda DOC is a wine already present in the area towards the end of the 1700s, when it began to be successful and appreciated for its particular characteristics of flavor and softness.
During the winemaking process the grapes are harvested manually around the middle of September, crushed and de-stemmed immediately upon their arrival in the cellar.
The must remains to macerate with its skins for about 8 days and then finishes  its fermentation by itself to in order to have a fresh scent and aroma. Bottled in spring.

Grape variety: 100% Bonarda
Type of soil: Calcareous clay
Elevation: 300 m above sea level
Plantation: Guyot
Alcohol: 12,5°-13,5°

The ruby ​​red color is quite charged with violet reflections. It present a  fruity sweet scent with hints of berries which makes it a wine of excellent quality, excellent to serve on the table.
Its  particular flavor will captivate you with its well-defined characteristics: full and harmonious, sweet and slightly sparkling.
Piemonte Bonarda DOC satisfies various matching criteria: it is excellent for hot appetizers and soups, but does not disdain first courses like stuffed pasta, which enhances the flavors. He loves tasty dishes, meat appetizers, fondue, grilled or roasted red meats and cheeses of good seasoning.
It should be served just uncorked preferably in not large glasses at 18 to 20 degrees.