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The Birbet was born when the disciplinary of “Brachetto Piemonte” decided to not allow the area of Roero the produce on its soil the wine called “Brachetto”, despite this vine has been cultivated in the Roero’s area for more than 400 years.
The Birbet of the Grisa winery is a partially fermented must obtained from Brachetto grapes with the characteristic  long bunch, a typical Piedmontese vine variety.
It is harvested during the firsts ten days of September and the grapes are pressed using the traditional method and then placed in tanks at a controlled temperature.
When the must is still sweet, fermentation is blocked with the cold.
It lends itself to being an excellent dessert wine, due to its low alcohol content and the typical fruity note that goes well with fresh fruit preparations.

Grape variety: 100% Brachetto
Type of soil: Calcareous clay
Elevation: 300 m above sea level
Plantation: Guyot
Alcohol: 5°-5,5°

At the sight is a wine with a red cherry color with violet reflections and with a light brio of fine bubbles.
At the nose has a fragrant and decidedly fruity aroma.
On the palate is sweet and harmonious but well balanced with a clean, not nauseating aftertaste, with a pleasant acid note and with an excellent aromatic persistence that recalls the fruity of the olfactory test.
Typical Piedmontese dessert wine. Excellent with desserts based on fresh fruit but also with aged cheeses.


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